GreenField Rehab Services Remain a Centerpiece of the Community

When the idea of The GreenFields Continuing Care Community was first conceived in the mid-1990s, it was pursued with one word at its center: care.

Patients and residents of The GreenFields would need access to various levels of senior care, and on a single campus. That’s why GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center would become the centerpiece of this community in 1998. The Center has continued to improve the lives of patients in need of myriad rehabilitation services ever since.

“As the premier rehabilitation center in Western New York, GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center offers personalized treatment programs. We design our programs to keep patients strong physically and mentally,” said David McMullen, Executive Director of Development and Marketing at Niagara Lutheran Health System. “To meet the needs of each of our patients, our expert team employs the latest evidence-based research to deliver inpatient and outpatient treatment programs tailored to every individual.”

According to McMullen, the goal of the Center remains the same as when it first opened: to provide its community with the premier nursing and rehabilitation services in Western New York. In a recent Q&A, he detailed how they differ from regional competitors and have evolved since first opening its doors.


What makes GreenField rehab services different from other rehab facilities across Western New York?

We provide subacute, or short-term, services for various conditions, including:

  • orthopedic injuries/surgeries
  • joint replacements
  • spinal surgeries
  • amputations
  • accident
  • illness
  • arthritis-related
  • chronic pain
  • and rehab for stroke and cardiac conditions.

Our highly trained staff—paired with our state-of-the-art facilities—provide the best care possible to get you back to being you again.

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy services are available as part of the GreenField rehab services, and make it a more unique experience. Our care experts work with young athletes, middle-aged professionals, retirees, and more with a range of rehabilitation and strengthening needs. Also, some patients discharged from our subacute program choose to continue recovery at the GreenField Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic and Wellness Center. This Center has earned a reputation for being the leading physical therapy rehabilitation center in the region.


What’s one of the more unique rehab offerings at the Center?

The GreenFields’ Aquatic Therapy Program provides patients with an opportunity to work out in an environment that helps to stabilize and support the body. Patients can work out in the full-size pool—maintained at 94-96 degrees—without the pain, stress, and muscle fatigue associated with standard exercise routines. The Aquatic Therapy Program is accessible for patients of all ages.


In what ways has the GreenField rehab center evolved since its initial opening?

GHRC has evolved significantly over the past 23 years. Five years after its opening, demand for the facility’s exceptional physical, occupational, and speech therapy services exploded. There has also been an increase in demand for aquatic and outpatient therapy. In response to these demands, the therapy clinic expanded; and in 2006, the new GreenField Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic was dedicated. In addition to rehabilitation care, outpatient clinic services include aquatic therapy classes, specialized clinics, wellness classes, holistic therapies, and other services.

In 2019, GHRC was again the focus of an expansion project, adding 24 new private rooms. These private, long-term care rooms have greatly improved resident and family satisfaction. Furthermore, a recent study by AARP—as well as additional clinical studies—have proven that the majority of patients prefer single rooms. This allows for greater privacy, reduced noise, reduced embarrassment, improved quality of sleep, opportunity for family members to visit, and the avoidance of upsetting other patients. Our new rooms provide these quiet, relaxing accommodations that are so conducive to healing.


Lastly, if you were to recommend the Center to a possible patient, what reasons would you cite?

You have your say in healthcare—so for rehab, why choose anything less than the best? The GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center is Western New York’s premier rehabilitation center. Treatment programs are designed specifically to the individual, and we ensure excellent communication with each patient’s physician(s). Our highly-trained experts and state-of-the-art facilities provide the best care to get you back in action and feeling good again.

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center services, visit thegreenfields.org/subacute-inpatient-rehab today.

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