How to Choose the Best Subacute Rehab Facility

best subacute rehab facilityIn subacute rehabilitation, patients in need of a short-term inpatient stay can find the care they need for many conditions. Before your stay though, it is important to do your research in order to choose the best subacute rehab facility for you and your needs. While this may be daunting to some, there are a few key areas to look into when making your decision.


1. Experience

With so many subacute rehab facilities to choose from, it is important to learn the level of experience the rehabilitation staff has. Ideally, the average years of experience should be more than five years. Therapists at the subacute rehab facility should also have varied clinical experience.

As part of GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center’s subacute rehab department, the physical therapists and rehabilitation experts have a variety of experience and expertise. This includes orthopedic, neurologic, cardiac, vestibular, women’s health, and aquatic. Each therapist and rehabilitation expert also has five years of experience or more, including some with over 20 years’ experience.


2. Individualized Program

There are a variety of conditions and situations for a person to be looking into subacute rehab services. No matter what you’re looking into subacute rehab for, though, everyone’s recovery journey is different, with different objectives to achieve. That is why it is important to have a personalized care plan with set goals.

At GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center, treatment programs are designed specifically for the individual using the latest evidence-based research. The subacute rehab team works with each patient’s physician(s) to ensure that your needs are met completely and your doctor’s recommendations are followed exactly.


3. Services Offered

You will especially want to make sure that the facility is able to take care of your specific needs. Make sure that the facility you are looking into has experience treating people with the same condition that is prompting your search. Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy should all be offered. In addition to those, see if the facility offers specialized services, such as aquatic therapy. Another benefit to a subacute rehab facility would be if the facility also offers outpatient rehabilitation. Working with the same therapy team as part of your outpatient therapy allows for a continuity of care, which makes the transition much easier on yourself.

GreenField Health and Rehabilitation subacute rehab services include Physical, Occupational, and Speech & Language Therapy. They also include wound care, cardiac rehabilitation, palliative care, hospital avoidance, neurologic & stroke rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, prosthetic/orthotic rehabilitation, deconditioning, chronic disease, and aquatic therapy. GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center also offers outpatient rehabilitation.


4. Staff and Facility Quality

Seeing the subacute rehab facility in person is very helpful in choosing what subacute rehab facility is best for you. A clean, appealing facility with friendly, helpful staff is ideal and will allow you to feel comfortable in your stay. Visiting the facility will give you insight to the staff-to-patient ratio, as well as who comprises their subacute rehab team.

GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center has been recognized on multiple occasions for the care provided, including a five-star rating by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for quality care. CMS also ranked GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center in the top 1% in the nation for their Skilled Nursing Facility Value Based Purchasing Program. Similarly, Newsweek and US News & World Report included GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center amongst America’s Best Nursing Homes 2020. The staff to patient ratio at GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center is 1 therapist to 2 patients and the subacute rehab programs are run by a comprehensive, interdisciplinary team. This team includes surgeons, physicians, physical therapists, and athletic trainers.


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To learn more about subacute rehab services at GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center, part of The GreenFields Continuing Care Community in Lancaster, NY, please contact us at (716) 684-3000.


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