The Leadership Council

About the Leadership Council Committee

Helping those who face isolation, despair and serious illness is a noble mission. Gifts to our Annual Friends Appeal support ongoing resident care initiatives at The GreenFields Continuing Care Community’s skilled care homes. Each year a team of volunteers called the Leadership Council Committee meets to assist in the personal solicitation of new and renewing benefactors. All donors who make an annual gift of $500 or more are granted Leadership Council status and are entitled to special recognition opportunities, including our Benefactors Reception. Donors who make an annual gift of at least $500 and also ask others to do the same are entitled to become members of the Leadership Council Committee.

Our 2021 Leadership Council campaign was chaired by Niagara Lutheran Health Foundation Trustees, Kevin Weber and Roger Hoffman.

Our 2021 Leadership Council campaign supported initiatives such as the expansion of workforce development programs for the recruitment and retention of our employees, and the remodeling of GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center to ensure best possible experiences for our residents and staff.

 Workforce development initiatives supported by our campaign include enhanced infection control training, leadership development programs, campus-wide dementia training, and hospitality programs. These programs will result in an increased level of employee satisfaction, which will also enrich the lives of our residents and their families across The GreenFields campus. 

 Last year’s campaign also supported the remodeling of GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center, including the conversion of existing semi-private rehabilitation rooms to private rooms, and the renovation of the veranda to a safe COVID-19 visitation area. This space was renovated into a comfortable “family room” for use in all four seasons by replacing the windows, doors, flooring and ceiling, installing heating and air conditioning, and purchasing new furniture. This new area can be utilized as a COVID-19 safe visitation area for as long as necessary, and once the pandemic has passed, this new family room will become a favorite gathering space for residents and families to visit and relax in for years to come. Should future health emergencies again require the use of an infection-controlled visitation area, this room will again be available for this purpose.     

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of our donors, our 2021 Leadership Council fundraising campaign was another record breaker! Our 2021 campaign total came to $941,644. This is the highest total in the 22-year history of Niagara Lutheran’s Leadership Council campaign, and it exceeded our previous record 2019 total of $720,747 by over 31%.

2021 Leadership Council Committee

Kevin R. Weber, Co-Chair
Roger M. Hoffman, Co-Chair

Todd C. Anderson
Rev. Michael C. Blackwell
Janet Loew Day
Linda A. Dobmeier
Mary F. Dumke
Christopher T. Greene, Esq.
Robert W. Gromer

Cary J. Haller
Candyce V. Ingwersen
Laurie J. Jankowski
Scott W. Jones
JoAnne Kaminski
Judith A. Kelly
Gary P. Kenline
Christopher Koenig
Mr. Paul Kroll
Rev. Dennis J. Krueger
Rev. Thomas R. Mason
David E. McMullen
Rev. Paul R. Mertzlufft

Gail M. Myers
Matthew L. O’Connor
Richard C. Paul
Gerald C. Saxe
Mr. Matthew F. Schobert
Mrs. Meghan C. Schobert
Dorothy Schugardt
Henry P. Semmelhack
James M. Sexton, III
Michael A. Sheehan
Michael C. Straeck
George M. Wallrich
Edward G. Wright

The Niagara Lutheran Health Foundation is indebted to these previous co-chairs of the Leadership Council Committee:

2020 – David N. Richardson and Kevin R. Weber
2019 – Edward Wright and David Richardson
2018 – Edward Wright and Robert Minicucci, Sr.
2017 – Cary J. Haller and Robert Minicucci, Sr.
2016 – Gary Kenline and Cary J. Haller
2015 – Susan Fayle and Gary Kenline
2014 – Janet Loew Day and Susan Fayle
2013 – Janet Loew Day and Trent M. Voelkl
2012 – Donald E. Will
2011 – Michael C. Straeck and Trent M. Voelkl
2010 – Linda A. Dobmeier and Michael C. Straeck
2009 – Linda A. Dobmeier and James M. Sexton III
2008 – James M. Sexton III and Joseph A. Voelkl
2007 – Patricia H. Garman and Howard B. Vahue
2006 – Gerald C. Saxe and Kevin R. Weber
2005 – Christopher T. Greene, Esq., and Gerald T. Mazurkiewicz
2004 – David N. Richardson and Samuel J. Savarino
2003 – Rev. Dr. Charles D. Bang and Henry P. Semmelhack
2002 – Thomas M. Barney, Esq., and Paul J. Koessler
2001 – G. Wayne Hawk and Richard C. Paul
2000 – Charles U. Banta and Edward G. Wright
1999 – Gerald C. Saxe and Robert G. Weber