The Difference Between Speech and Language Disorders

Many people experience issues with their speech and language. Maybe you or someone you know has been having some particular difficulties. But do you know the difference between speech and language disorders? If so, how can they be treated?

Speech disorders are speech impediments, or when someone struggles with pronouncing sounds properly or fluently. Issues with a person’s voice or resonance can also fall under this category.  One example of this is stuttering. When a person’s speech does not flow smoothly due to repetition of words or parts of a word.

Language disorders, which can be spoken or written, make it difficult for a person to comprehend things or fully share his or her thoughts, ideas and feelings. For example, Aphasia is a language disorder that weakens a person’s ability to read, write, and understand number concepts. It also causes a person difficulty in understanding and producing language. He or she may not understand someone else when they speak fast or in long sentences and may struggle with coming up with the words they want to say.

As part of The GreenFields Continuing Care Community, GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center offers Speech and Language Therapy. Our Speech and Language Pathologists evaluate and treat a variety of communication disorders. Indications for referral include difficulty with:

  • reading
  • writing
  • problem solving
  • swallowing
  • comprehending verbal expression
  • impaired speech
  • coughing during or immediately after eating/drinking
  • weight loss
  • dehydration

If you or someone you know would like more information, please call (716) 206-2414 or contact the GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center here.

Difference Between Speech and Language Disorders

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