Why Outpatient Therapy May Be Right For You

Following a statewide pause amid rising winter COVID-19 rates, elective surgeries are beginning again inside Western New York medical centers.

This also signals the return of post-surgery rehabilitation for those in need. Depending on the procedure, inpatient rehab may not be the only option for those eager to work toward recovery. For some, outpatient therapy may be an excellent alternative. It’s one that trained professionals inside the GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center specialize in every day.

Our staff and Lancaster facility have earned a reputation for providing the region’s premier outpatient physical therapy rehabilitation services. This is due in part to the success our patients have had through their comprehensive outpatient rehab experience. Each receives care that not only addresses the physical nature of surgery recovery, but treatment tailored to the medical, vocational, and emotional aspects of the rehabilitation process.

This is the GreenFields’ thorough approach to outpatient rehab. But for each patient, the initial motivation for pursuing such treatment may be much simpler. There are lots of reasons for one to pursue outpatient therapy. Here are a few to contemplate though when considering your recovery plan.



Spending more time within the comfort of home and less time inside a facility is preferred by most—especially following surgery. Outpatient therapy allows patients to get the all-encompassing treatment they need, then retreat back to their most cherished confines for the rest they need. This can provide an emotional boost, and add to a patient’s enthusiasm to work toward their recovery.



Life doesn’t always stop in the aftermath of surgery or amid the grind of rehab. Sometimes, patients need to shuffle in their treatment between personal and professional commitments. Outpatient therapy can accommodate this scheduling with sessions that can fit into a patient’s to-do list while they work their way back to 100%–and their pre-surgery slate of activities.


Lower cost

Inpatient care—with room, meals, and continuous health monitoring—can get expensive very quick. The medical attention can be constant, but for many, sessions throughout the week are all that’s needed to effectively heal. Paying for just these individual scheduled sessions can be more cost-effective while still getting you where you need to go.


Applicable for plenty of patients

Whether seeking treatment following an elective surgery or a more distressing malady, outpatient rehab is a great option for a variety of conditions—and for a wide range of patients. From those suffering from sports or workplace injuries, a litany of musculoskeletal conditions, or even those who’ve suffered a heart attack or stroke, outpatient services can help patients get back to their best life.


If you or anyone you know wants to learn more about GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center and its outpatient therapy services, visit https://bit.ly/GreenFields-OPTherapy today.

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