Is it time to accept a higher level of care?

hands-walking-stick-elderly-old-personRealization that Mom, Dad, or Uncle Joe is beginning to have trouble living on their own can be a very difficult situation for all involved- the elder who is facing the loss of their independence, and the adult children who are facing the pain and guilt of realizing that Mom or Dad need more than they may be able to provide.

It’s a reality that more than 70 million baby boomers will have to face during the next dozen years as they move into retirement age. Many will have to consider one of the key questions they may now be asking their parents:  Is it time to accept a higher level of care?

This is a very personal question- but there are some guidelines that we find helpful when we’re talking to families about whether it’s time to accept a higher level of support.

The first thing we talk about is when safety becomes an issue. After a man moved from his home into our independent residential homes at our GreenField Manor, his son told us “We were so glad he wasn’t up on the roof chipping ice anymore.”

The next guideline is when dignity becomes an issue. Maybe it’s something like knocking on a neighbor’s door at midnight thinking it is noon. That’s not the way your loved one wants to be remembered.

Another guideline is when your loved ones’ quality of life slips noticeably.

None of these things necessarily mean that Mom or Dad have to move out of their home, but it does mean that they need a more supportive environment. It also means that life can go on as it slows down, and that meaningful friendships, activities and moments still are possible. It is an adjustment for the family to make together.

If you decide that it is time to start looking for a higher level of care for yourself or a loved one and are interested in learning what The GreenFields Continuing Care Community offers, please call us at 716-684-8400 or contact us here.

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