Take a Break: How Respite Care Helps Caretakers

Caring for a loved one is often a full-time job. Whether you are in charge of care for an aging parent, a disabled spouse or sibling, or an ill child, making sure that they are comfortable and well-cared for is a major undertaking. It can seem overwhelming at times, and can make you postpone your own plans and needs, whether that’s as simple as making a trip to the store or taking a vacation.

If you’re taking care of a loved one on your own, respite care is designed exactly for people like you.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is another term for short-term or surrogate care, and is designed to ensure a continuity of care for those who normally receive help and assistance from a family member or loved one. This service is meant to give caregivers a break, and is offered on a variable schedule, allowing you to arrange for care for a few days or even a few weeks while you manage important tasks that have been pushed off, allow you to schedule your own medical appointments or necessary care, or even offer you an opportunity to take a vacation to relax and unwind.

At The GreenFields Continuing Care Community, individuals in respite care will receive everything they need from our dedicated care team. We can assist those in our care with a variety of daily activities, such as bathing, dressing or getting in and out of bed, as well as handling meals and drinks and medication schedules. You can trust that your loved one will be in good hands when you leave them in our care.

Benefits of Respite Care

The decision to seek respite care can be difficult for many caregivers, but there are many benefits for both you and the person you care for.

For Your Loved One

When at The GreenFields, your loved one has an opportunity to take advantage of the services and programs offered on our campus. This includes the grounds, where gentle walking paths offer an opportunity to get out and enjoy the fresh air and scenery. Respite care residents may also participate in scheduled campus programs, such as Music and Memory or University Express.

There’s also the inexpressible benefit of being able to socialize with our current residents, allowing your loved one a chance to chat and relax with peers or other individuals and enjoy a community environment that is comfortable and welcoming. This can help extend a feeling of normalcy in even abnormal circumstances and infuse your loved one with renewed energy and raised spirits. Some patients even find it supportive to discuss their condition or situation with others and relate stories with others who can understand it themselves.

For the Caregiver

For you, as the caregiver, respite care provides an often much-needed chance to take care of yourself and your needs without worrying about the care of your loved one. It can be hard to admit that you need a break, but knowing that your loved one is in good hands can help you feel at ease and truly get the rest and reprieve that you need. Our staff is incredibly caring and experienced at helping our residents with a wide range of needs, and we’re happy to offer short-term respite care to your loved one.

Who Is a Candidate for Respite Care?

Our team can work with patients with a variety of conditions and needs, as well as at any age. Individuals in our respite care have included those undergoing cancer treatments, individuals with a brain injury or reduced mobility from an accident, stroke or amputation, patients with memory disorders such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, persons with visual or auditory conditions and much more.

If you’re interested in learning more about respite care options, we recommend first coming and seeing the campus for yourself. Taking an on-campus tour offers both you and your loved one a chance to see The GreenFields in person and ask questions about the facilities, care options and anything else that you’re curious about.

This visit also offers an opportunity for us to speak with you about the care needed during your loved one’s stay. This screening process allows us to fully understand what kind of services or specialized care the person you’re caring for requires and ensure that our staff is able to meet those needs. This conversation also serves as a point to go over any specific concerns such as schedules for medication or dietary demands, and allows you to ask questions of our care team to help put you at ease that your loved one will receive the best care and attention while staying with us.

Take a Tour and Learn More

The best way to discover the benefits of The GreenFields Continuing Care Community and find out if respite care may be the right option for you and your loved one is to schedule a tour. Come and see the campus, speak with our care team and find the answers to your questions. Schedule your visit today by calling us at 716.684.3000 or fill out a form online to request more information.

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