Spotlight on: Vestibular Rehabilitation

FACT: More than 10 million patients visit their physicians every year due to dizziness. Dizziness can occur at any age and can last for seconds, minutes or hours. In some cases, dizziness may lead to loss of balance, falls and the inability to complete daily tasks.

Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialized exercise-based program designed by a physical therapist that helps to improve balance, coordination and reduces issues related to dizziness. Vestibular rehabilitation may be an optimal course of treatment for those suffering from vertigo (BPPV), post-concussion syndrome, multiple sclerosis, whiplash injury, migraines, Meniere’s disease, stroke or brain injury.

At The GreenFields, vestibular services are offered in our state-of-the art outpatient rehabilitation & wellness center by Jennifer “Jenny” Tharnish, PT, DPT, where she sees patients of all ages with all types of diagnoses ranging from motion sensitivity to traumatic brain injuries.

According to Jenny, dizziness is not normal, but is highly treatable with an individualized care plan. She typically evaluates patients to pinpoint the source of their symptoms, conducts a thorough medical history review and customizes a plan based on individual needs. Jenny specializes in balance retraining and works one-on-one with patients to help them achieve their goals. She insists that the best clinical outcomes come from using a combination of function-focused treatment and patient-centered, compassionate care.

Jenny also notes that often times, vestibular rehabilitation is the only treatment that may be needed to manage or alleviate symptoms.  Jenny recommends contacting your physician to request a prescription for physical therapy – those who integrate rehabilitation services early are shown to have better clinical outcomes than those who do not.

Jenny is currently accepting new patients Monday-Friday, with extended hours on Monday and Thursday evenings. To schedule a consultation, call 716.206.2414.

Jennifer Tharnish, PT, DPT Jennifer received a Bachelor of Science degree in 2009 and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2011 from Daemen College. She was awarded the Academic Excellence Award upon graduating from Daemen. She began working for Niagara Lutheran Health System in 2011 and currently plans and implements physical therapy services in both the sub-acute and outpatient settings. She has attended parts A (lumbar spine) and B (cervical and thoracic spine) of the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. Her special interests include falls prevention, therapeutic approaches to dementia, and functional approaches to exercise

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