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The Story: Ellen first came to The GreenFields as a resident of GreenField Manor. After a few years, she had started to have some mobility issues and moved into GreenField Court. In the last few months, however, her needs have increased and she has just moved into GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center where she can receive skilled nursing care.

Living at The GreenFields has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve made so many friends here over the years, and there’s always been something to keep me busy. When I was in better shape, I’d walk the trails and spend time out along the pond reading in the summer, and even when the weather wasn’t so great, I could always see friends or mingle with others down at the Café or grab a book in the library.

But really, the biggest benefit has been in the stability and continuity. When I first moved here, I was in good health but I knew that there would come a day when I wouldn’t be. It happens to us all as we get older, and moving to GreenField Manor was almost like investing in my own insurance plan for my own future needs. Sure enough, a few years later my hip started acting up which meant I couldn’t move around the way I used to, so I moved into GreenField Court to get some help with my daily needs.

I’ve been at Court for a while, but last month my doctor told me that I needed my hip replaced and that my recovery would probably be slow and mean I would need daily assistance with my aftercare. He said there would be a risk of slow healing for the incision, and that skilled nursing care would provide me with help I’d need to dress the wound and monitoring of my condition for any complications. Moving to GHRC gives me access to that skilled nursing care and help I need, and makes it easier for me to work on the rehab exercises that my doctor prescribed.

Through all my moves, I’ve never had to deal with learning a completely new place or losing touch with the friends I’d made – I can still see them even now that I’ve moved here, and I can still enjoy the campus. Plus, I’ve never worried about being unable to do what I want to do as there’s always been help available when I needed it. This place has been my home and my community, and through everything, I know I can always count on The GreenFields to be here for me and all that I need.

Ellen’s Reasons for Choosing GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center:

Affordable housing and maintenance in retirement

Full-service care options from no assistance needs to enhanced assisted living care

Options available for further care when needed

Continuity in lifestyle no matter how care needs change

GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center is one part of the full range of residences and care service options available for residents at The GreenFields. We offer priority access for all of our residents, so that as your needs change, we can offer you housing and support options that meet your needs all without requiring you leave the campus. Our goal is to provide all the care you need while still providing as much consistency and stability in your lifestyle as possible. Visit our campus today and learn more about skilled nursing and all of the options available for residents at The GreenFields.

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