When you live in a senior apartment with fewer household responsibilities, independence takes on an entirely new meaning. It means spending less time worrying about daily chores and more time enjoying the things that make life beautiful. When you live at The GreenFields – senior apartments in Buffalo, NY – you can make your retirement dreams come true, whether it’s traveling the world, volunteering at the humane society, relaxing with a library full of books, or making the most of friends and family – it’s your time to enjoy the best years of your life. You deserve it, after all. Independent living at The GreenFields is calling your name.

Easing the Burden

When you reach retirement age or older, it may become overwhelming to maintain a single-family home and your independence. While remaining in your current home is always an option, it sometimes becomes less desirable when you realize you no longer want to shoulder the burden of upkeep for your home. When you move into a senior apartment, you gain independence from all the chores and regular maintenance that you’ve done for years. At The GreenFields, our residents happily utilize our housekeeping services to ease the burden of day-to-day chores. Senior apartments at The GreenFields mean no more cutting the grass or shoveling snow, so you can make the most of your day.

Enhancing the Community

At The GreenFields, life is enhanced by people that are also enjoying their retirement years in senior apartments. To reside at GreenField Manor, you must be at least 55 years of age, so making friends and finding neighbors with common interests is easy and encouraged.

If you like a fun and active lifestyle, The GreenFields offers a wide variety of events and activities throughout the day to keep you energized and healthy, such as concerts, art and fitness classes, and more. The grounds are always pristinely maintained and make for perfect morning or afternoon walks, and our pond adds an extra touch of tranquility to your day.

Feeling Like Home

What else can you expect from independent living at The GreenFields senior apartments? The staff and the community at The GreenFields make every effort possible to ensure that each of our residents enjoy their home. With amenities like a library on the grounds for the bookworm in you, a creative arts studio for aspiring artists, an exclusive café, and restaurant-style dining where you can host your friends and family, it already feels like home.

In Good Company

You may be surprised to know that there are a variety of reasons that someone may choose to move into senior apartments at The GreenFields.

  • Residents that love to travel are worry-free leaving their apartment for weeks at a time, rather than leaving a house unattended.
  • Moving into a senior apartment may bring you closer to other family members. Some find an apartment to be more comforting and closer to loved ones. Residents often see their kids and the grandkids more often.
  • Widows and widowers often decide on senior apartments to downsize from a single-family home.
  • Some people gain new perspective and see that they don’t need quite as many belongings as they used to, or they’ve become empty-nesters.
  • Senior apartments often equal a lower cost of living. Property taxes, repair and maintenance fees are foregone worries.

Independent living is closer than you think at The GreenFields. Call 684-8400 to arrange a tour today.