Preventing Injury & Dehydration in Elderly During the Summer


Staying Hydrated & Fit During the Summer Months

When we’re younger we’re told to constantly keep hydrated, eat well, and exercise. Keeping up with everything we need to accomplish throughout the week seems to become much more difficult. It can lead to matters like injury or dehydration in elderly. Considering that we’re 60% water and oftentimes “forget” to drink, let alone eat, the summer months can be especially brutal. Aside from avoiding dehydration by staying nourished, what can older adults do to prevent unnecessary injury or mental decline during the warm summer months?


Prehab to Prevent Injury

Summer is a time to get out of the home, enjoy the great weather, and engage in lots of physical exercises. It’s an exciting period in the year. However, excitement may lead to overexertion—and injury. Every day, the compassionate team at GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center assists numerous patients in overcoming various ailments. However, in many situations, some “prehab” to prevent injury and avoid the need for therapy and rehabilitation.

What exactly is prehab? It is an acronym for prehabilitation. It is commonly used by patients preparing for surgery to promote strength, flexibility, and physical function. Prehab can optimize these characteristics to prevent any harm or setbacks from a needed surgery. This is important for recovery and potential issues that can potentially happen afterward.


Outpatient Rehab for Healing and Recovery

According to John Hopkins, Physical rehabilitation may be an important aspect of your care, whether you are in the hospital recovering from surgery, mending from an injury, or being treated for a debilitating health issue.

This form of treatment may be required if you have a health condition that affects your nerves, muscles, bones, or brain and is causing you temporary or permanent impairment. Physical therapy may help many health problems that cause pain or limit your ability to move normally. This type of rehab may be at the hospital before you go home or to an extended care facility.


Get Your Body and Mind Moving with Occupational Therapy

One of the most important things we can do is to exercise. That can be hard to do, especially as we get older. One of the best ways we can combat physical and mental fatigue is to work with an occupational therapist.  

Occupational therapists do more than merely evaluate patients and teach them new exercises, while these are obviously crucial components of caring for elderly loved ones. Other advantages of occupational therapy include assistance with memory care and the development of an adaptive plan. This allows you to adjust for vision loss, mobility limitation, and other age-related concerns.

Relatives whose loved ones are having difficulty doing everyday tasks due to pain, disorientation, or a limited range of motion can support them by arranging an initial examination with an occupational therapist.


The Rundown on your Wellbeing

Rehabilitation is great for any age regardless of their physical health. This is especially important during the hot summer months when we may forget to drink water as often or stretch more before you commit to any physical activity. Physical therapy can help you achieve your goals much faster than sitting in a hospital bed. It also gives you the freedom to take control of your healing process.

GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center tailors treatment programs to each individual in a cutting-edge facility that includes a full-sized pool. Skilled nursing, respite care, subacute and outpatient rehabilitation services such as physical, occupational, and speech and language therapy are all provided.


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