Physical Therapy — Not Just For Rehab

Many people think of physical therapy as a treatment only for existing painful injuries.  Well, that is no longer the case.  Recently, a new law passed allowing direct access to physical therapists without a doctor’s prescription.  This new law allows you to avoid taking extra time out of your day sitting though long doctor appointments. Now is the time to get your mind set on PREHABilitation, a proactive way of training the most vulnerable areas of your body, enabling you to avoid needles future injuries.

According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, “Within a three month period, approximately one-fourth of American adults experience at least one day of back pain.” Back and neck pain can be brought on by countless issues, such as bad posture, poorly designed shoes, sitting too long, lifting incorrectly, a weak core, even sneezing.  Are you slouching in your chair as you are read this article? Did you know that you can avoid abnormal forces on the spine and reduce your risk of pain and injury by sitting upright and not slouching?

A physical therapist is an expert at musculoskeletal problems. They will align your body into balance and teach you how to position yourself in a way that will help you avoid future injuries.

Physical therapists treat the cause of the pain, provide an alternative to surgery, and reduce the need for prescription medication.  How do they do this?  By putting your bones back into place and teaching you how to keep them there.

Are you hurting at the gym?  A physical therapist will train you how to mindfully engage your abs properly with every exercise.  This will help you to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your back while working out.

Want to improve your body mechanics in any sport and shave those seconds off your mile? A physical therapist can analyze your run to ensure maximize efficient movement, allowing you to come in at the head of the pack.

To combat neck and back pain, physical therapists use targeted massage therapy, Pilates, stretching and strengthening as well as new alternative modalities like whole body vibration therapy, infra-red light therapy and standard Ice, stim and ultrasound to get you feeling better than ever.

Don’t ignore small aches and pains.  It is your body’s your way of letting you know there is something wrong.


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