Prehab Can Help Speed Recovery from Surgery

A study by researchers at the University of Louisville showed that people who receive physical therapy services prior to knee replacement surgery recover more quickly than those who do not. 

Therapists at GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center are familiar with the benefits of “prehabilitation” and are encouraged by their results. Our prehab program consists of an initial evaluation, establishing a home exercise program and treatment to prevent decline and reduce painful symptoms. They have found that their ability to offer a combined approach of aquatic- and land-based exercises provides patients with the best opportunity for a fast recovery following a joint replacement surgery.

If you need joint replacement surgery, the prehab program offered at The GreenFields in Lancaster may be very beneficial for your recovery. To learn more about prehabilitation and all the other services provided at GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center, call us today at 716.684.3000.