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The Story: An active guy, Dave enjoyed golfing in his retirement – that is until he started having issues with his knees. After speaking with his doctor, he learned he would need a knee replacement and the help of the caring team at GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center. 

Honestly, I wasn’t that shocked when I found out I needed a knee replacement, I just didn’t think I would need it so soon. Sure, my knee had bothered me some over the years, but I never thought it was anything as serious as this. But once my doctor showed me my scans, it was clear he was right. He told me I could wait, but he wouldn’t recommend it – the knee was weak, and not replacing it could leave open the option of a serious fall or other worse injury, so I agreed to schedule a replacement.

I was a bit scared – you always hear the stories about how you’ll never feel the same after this kind of an operation, but I was committed to making sure it didn’t happen to me. I figure if Tiger Woods can come back from however many knee and back surgeries he had to win a tournament again, I can at least get back to the local course.

My doctor referred me to The GreenFields, and I spoke with their team before I had my surgery scheduled. I let them know my concerns and they explained to me some of their process and how they work to help get back a full range of motion. I also told them I wanted to back on the links – and they said they’d work to help me get back to my normal way of life.

The surgery went off without a hitch, and I was home within a couple of days. A week later, the doctor cleared me to start therapy and I headed to my first appointment with the team at The GreenFields. They started me out on a regimen of some exercises and light conditioning work. I won’t lie – it definitely hurt sometimes – but they told me that the latest studies and their experience with patients showed that performing these exercises early after surgery helped patients with restoring their full range of motion more quickly and shortened recovery, so I did as I was told.

I met some great people at The GreenFields – employees who were committed to helping others and wonderful people who had issues like me. Another guy there had just had the same surgery as me but in his other leg, and on the days we were both there it became almost a game to see who could do better at the rehab exercises in the aquatic therapy pool. I even met a woman who was there for balance training for vertigo – I didn’t even know they had therapy for that. It’s amazing everything that the staff knows how to help with.

All in all, I kept working at strengthening my new knee during visits three days a week – and it paid off. Within just a few weeks, I was feeling great – even better than before. It turns out that my knee was really impacting me and my game and I’d never even realized it. Now I’m back on the course and feeling great – if I could only fix my slices as well as my knee!

Dave’s Reasons for Choosing GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center:

Assistance in care through surgical recovery

Expertise at helping restore motion and movement

Convenient location in the area near home

Referred by doctor for high quality of care and results

At GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center, we help patients of all ages with physical therapy, conditioning and recovery for a wide range of needs. Whether you need assistance following an accident or injury or need help through recovery after a joint replacement or other surgery, our expert staff is experienced in helping work with your physicians and care team to aid in getting back to your normal way of life. Let our team help you with outpatient therapy services. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment to visit our facility and learn more about how we can help.

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