Notes From Our Residents & Families

“I would like to know how to recognize the exceptional service provided by several employees that I encountered during my mother’s 6 weeks in the Greenfield’s Health and Rehabilitation Center, and her 10 years in the Court. If this is a method where they will be notified, that will suffice. Overall, it was a very difficult time for all of the staff and families, but the calm attitudes, and willingness to go above and beyond to help both my mother and me through this time was especially appreciated. My mother passed away last September, and overall, I found most of the staff to be compassionate during a very stressful time. Jen, in the accounting/business office offered to seek some help for me in another area by walking the needed information over to another department. I was ill at the time, and very stressed out about trying to manage communication issues at the Health and Rehab Center. She kept me well informed about various communications regarding billing and I received a refund that was due for my mother’s care very quickly.

My mother especially enjoyed being at the Court, where she found so many activities to engage her, and the staff was devoted to helping her maintain her abilities. The opportunity to Face Time with my mother will be part of her “Celebration of Life” and I am so grateful to Lisa for all of her exceptional skill and compassion for the residents. As my mother’s abilities decreased, Lisa was able to keep her engaged with crafts and coloring books, which was essential to her mental health. Thank you for the comfort of knowing she was well taken care of and happy at the Court.”

Sincerely ,

Pamela Wisniewski (mother, Better Houghton)

“Hello Mr. Koenig,

For forty-two years I have been privileged to have Helene H. as my mother-in-law. Over the years we have become good friends. We often talk on the phone and have a good laugh, or help each other in some way with things that happen in life, as they always do. When she would visit Sandy and me in Massachusetts, we enjoyed cooking together, making meals, pies and all sorts of other baked goods.

I write this letter to thank you. Greenfields’ diligence in protecting her and all the residents and staff during the pandemic must be a huge effort. I tip my hat to you.

Please stay safe and be well.”

John K.

“Good afternoon,

In September I had a full knee replacement and decided to go to Greenfields for my rehab based on the recommendation of a close friend.

The very first day I walked in, I was pleasantly greeted by Amanda, filled out some forms and then met with Chris. He nicely explained the process and some of the expectations and timeline for recovery. I must admit I was very skeptical, to say the least.

On my next visit, Chris started my therapy and coached me as I went along. I was amazed at what I could actually do. I also observed the interaction of the other therapists and their clients. They were very patient and obviously knowledgeable in the direction they provided. Plus, they all worked together as a team.

Soon Geoff was coaching and instructing me during my visits. Through his direction, it was hard to believe how quickly I was walking without my walker or cane. He is a professional and excellent at his job, he knows what exercises will benefit my progress. He also explains and patiently shows people how to perform the exercises. When he said let’s try the bike, I was sure I would not be able to do it. But within a session or two I was doing fine. I am very thankful for his assistance with my recovery.

Geoff was assisting a lady with walking. As they proceeded, he quietly mentioned to her, she may want to consider not wearing heels the next time she comes in. What a nice way to advise her. Last time I saw her, she had sneakers on.

Another therapist Jenny, coaches her clients and is so patient in repeating directions.

I have overheard her clients say they are getting better because of her.

I have had Marc assist in my therapy and he also is very patient and knowledgeable. Marc has a unique sense of humor that is always appreciated. Craig is always there to jump in with anything that needs to be done.

I have never left the office without Amanda telling me goodbye and to have a nice day. She is always very pleasant on the phone.

Everyone on this team pitches in and helps out to maximize time. The entire staff is personable, professional and kind. The operation seems to run smoothly and efficiently.

Just a COVID note, the staff pays a great deal of attention to cleaning all the time. I feel very safe coming in the building.

I am retired now, but spent my career in management. I have found that organizations function best with good leaders and team players. Chris appears to have that dynamic in his office. I am very glad I selected Greenfields for my rehab. This team has made my experience very pleasant, not to mention I really see my progress in getting back to normal. The entire staff should be congratulated for the job they do. People do notice. From what I have experienced, Chris is an excellent leader, he runs a terrific team.”


Sharon P.

“Although the Coronavirus pandemic has caused many changes here in the Manor, and things are far from business-as-usual for the residents, the entire staff has been working hard.  Their efforts – all of them – are certainly what we would deem above-and-beyond-the-call-of duty!  In all cases, the changes in routine have been proactive and well planned. Group activities, limited to the first ten residents to show up, are still going on:  exercise class offered twice a day, Stitchers three times per week, chorus, movies, programs offered from resident’s own library of DVDs on travel attractions, etc.  Exercise bicycles are available and many residents walk around the campus weather permitting or walk the hallways.  Social distancing is observed, and masks are worn when appropriate distances become difficult to maintain.  Masks were made by a group of women to supply the staff and the residents.  Staff members take orders in advance and do limited grocery shopping for residents.  Grace’s Place Cafe is still offering its daily specials, which must be phoned in and are delivered.  A huge effort is being put forth by the kitchen and dining room staff, with dinners being delivered to each apartment instead of residents eating in the dining room.  The dinners are ordered a day in advance from a limited menu and packaged assembly-line fashion.  Although these changes have required adjustments, what a terrific job everyone is doing!  Smiles and upbeat conversation abound.  We will get through this!” 

Paul & Judy Kroll, GreenField Manor Residents

The GreenFields resident



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