When is it Necessary to Change Care Settings?

Assisted Living - caregiver and seniorThere are three major factors to consider when you’re wondering if it’s time to seek other living solutions.

1. Safety

2. Ability

3. Engagement

Safety: Primary issue – Does the person’s ability to judge risk and ability match previous skills & are you comfortable with it?

  • • How safe is the person where they are? Physically? Cognitively? Emotionally? Socially? Spiritually?
  • • Do they still have good judgment? Have they shown changes over time in this area?
  • • Do the challenges of being where and how they are match abilities and interests? What’s new?
  • • Is the set-up and environment secure enough and stable enough for them at this point in time?
  • • What appliances, equipment, or tasks are risky? Are there supports in place and plans to monitor?
  • • Have you checked in with other sources and people to verify and validate your beliefs and feelings?


Ability: Primary issue – Does the person still have the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional capacity to stay where and how they are?

  • • Are their balance, coordination, strength, endurance and motor control skills adequate for demands?
  • • Are their vision, hearing, sense of touch, pain awareness/responses OK for what is needed in the setting?
  • • Are there still people available who the person connects to and spends time with? Is the time productive?


Engagement: Primary issue – Does the person DO things, not just talk about doing it? Is their support system in place to keep it going?

  • • Is the person still able to go where they want to go, have fun, feel valued and productive, meet spiritual needs, have social contact and fill their time?
  • • Is the person able to use systems that exist to DO what they need to do and want to do? Has this changed over time?
  • • Is the support system becoming stressed with supporting this person?


The GreenFields Continuing Care Community offers a variety of living arrangements and support levels based on individual needs. This includes independent living apartments in GreenField Manor; assisted living apartments in GreenField Court; memory care and enhanced assisted living in GreenField Terrace; and skilled nursing, respite care, rehabilitation and outpatient therapy at GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center.

For more information about The GreenFields Continuing Care Community, visit greenfields.staging.wpengine.com.

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