LeadingAge Employee of Distinction Award Recipient: Nicholas Anderson


Congratulations to Nicholas Anderson on receiving the Employee of Distinction Award! Sponsored by LeadingAge New York, this award recognizes the extraordinary dedication of direct service and indirect service staff.

Nick has been working with us for eight years and was initially employed with our organization in the CNA Trainee Program. Once certified, he assumed the position of CNA and continued his education in Nursing. In 2013 Nick received his RN degree and was promoted to RN Staff, in 2015 he was promoted again to Unit Coordinator, shortly after, he assumed the position of RN Supervisor. In 2016 recognizing the urgent need of the Nursing Department, Nick assumed the role of IT Nurse. Within his new role, Nick closely supervised the implementation of the electronic medication administration program. Nick trained and worked closely with the IT Department, Pharmacy Vendor, Nursing and Medical services. All new nurses are trained on this program by Nick, who continues to troubleshoot any issues. Implementation of electronic MAR program could not have been as successful without the thorough understanding and ability to manage and teach others as demonstrated by Nick.

In addition to his assigned duties, Nick never hesitates to assist when and wherever needed within the Nursing Department. Nick picks up Supervision, Unit Coordinator duties as well as taking a med cart when staffing is short, never with any complaints. He continues to orient new Unit Coordinators as needed. Most recently with the sudden resignation of the Nursing department scheduler, working along with another CNA Mentor, Nick provided great assistance in filling open positions and ensuring that staffing numbers were being met. Nick’s insight in the nursing department documentation needs and electronic medical record will move us forward as we pursue new EMR software this fiscal year. Nick also exhibits a high level of critical problem resolution abilities- in dealing with the electronic prescribing process, he identified a plan that involved both nursing and the medical team for discharging patients and medication needs.

Outside of The GreenFields, Nick is also a volunteer fireman and EMT within his community. He is involved in community fund raising efforts for the fire department. Nick also holds a degree in education, formerly a history teacher. Nick is very devoted family man and new father who mentors his young nieces and nephews.

From his co-workers:

“One of Nick’s best characteristics is his ‘can do attitude.’ He will accomplish the challenges of the day, chipping away at each task before him with a smile and guiding hand. He is patient and caring with the delivery of care whether it is an emergency situation or by holding and comforting a frightened elderly patient.”

“Nick is the type of person I would want standing by me in a crisis situation. He is there willing to help prior to even having to be asked. I cannot wait to see what Nick will accomplish in the next eight years.”

“Because of his great personality, willingness to adapt to changes, and his work ethic, everyone wants to have Nick be part of whatever project we are working on.”

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