Judy’s Corner: A Letter From Our Guild President – June 2017

Warm greetings to everyone,

Summer is soon upon us. We are enjoying some nice weather now and our schedules are starting to fill up with graduations, reunions, weddings, and other fun activities. Go out, enjoy and take time to appreciate the beauty around us that God has blessed us with. The Guild will take a well deserved break after our June meeting so we can all enjoy time with family and friends. We have been very busy, especially this past month.

We participated in the Spring Bazaar at the Manor again this year. We made $290 selling baked goods and a few donated crafts. I’d like to thank everyone who baked, donated, worked, and supported our table by making a purchase. I would especially like to thank my daughter and Guild member, Nicole Guzdek, who made a wonderful apple crumble pie. She brought it right out of the oven for us to raffle off as the raffle prize that each vendor supplied. At the last minute we were concerned that whoever won it might not be able to pick it up for a day or two, so we changed our prize to an item of the same value, a $15 Tim Horton’s gift card, which was beautifully wrapped. We sold her pie that day from our table, so all was not lost. I apologize because I asked her to bake the pie specifically to serve as the raffle prize.

We then had our Mother’s Day plants, which we attached tags to that read “Happy Mother’s Day from the NLHS Guild” and were tied on with a ribbon. It was a fun afternoon and the flowers were beautiful. Thank you to Guild member, Marilyn Thompson, for ordering and picking up the plants. The residents seemed to really enjoy them. We will be doing the same for Father’s Day too! In June the gentlemen will receive succulent plants.

The next order of business was our May meeting. We had a wonderful Kentucky Derby lunch with a pulled pork sandwich, coleslaw, potato salad, and Dixie caviar. The meal was topped off with sweet tea and mint julep ice cream. After lunch we had devotions lead by Pastor Wendy Buckley from St. Paul’s in Williamsville. She spoke of how God gives us strength when times are tough and that we can always count on Him, and that we sometimes need to face these challenges in order to feel compassion for all people. Our hat parade was next, with many participants. I would like to thank our judges, Chris Koenig, David McMullen, Chantal White, and Pastor David Belasic for choosing the winners for most creative, most beautiful, funniest, and most on theme. The prizes for that were awesome. They were handmade with Kentucky Derby themed material by Sue Rojek and an apron, a handbag, a pillow, and a table runner served as the prizes. Nice work and thank you! We had a fun bingo game using words pertaining to horses and the Kentucky Derby. Our next game was a race testing your trivia knowledge about the Kentucky Derby with a volunteer from each table. They had to answer question correctly to move forward. The person who reached the finish line first won a prize, along with everyone at her table. All the hard work from Carol Woodcock, Mary Ann Young, Sue Rojek, and Florence Doran, who put everything together, resulted in a fabulous day that was enjoyed by all. I would like to thank them and all the others who donated baskets or helped in any other way. Kristen Glieco, our liaison who works for the Foundation and made the steps and finish line for our trivia race, is a true asset to our group and we thank her. She is always there for us and willing to assist and comes up with some wonderful ideas.

Now we have our June meeting coming up and it is sure to be delightful. We will be hearing from speakers about Chinese culture, complete with traditional music. Come join us and learn about others. I understand it will be educational and fun! Hope to see you then and remember you can always bring a friend. Just call Sally with your reservation by June 8.

– Peace and God’s Blessings to all!  – Judy


The GreenFields resident



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