Judy’s Corner: A Letter From our Guild President – February 2017

Judys CornerGreetings to all in 2017,

2016 is over and I’d like to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year! As we make our resolutions to improve our bodies, minds, and souls, I know our caring and giving is one we all embrace. We all care and give of ourselves daily, sometimes without even realizing it. As Guild members we care about the residents here at The GreenFields. Our action in giving is shown in the Christmas cards we made and the Christmas gifts we gave for the residents. Also fitting for the Christmas season was the gift we gave the GreenField Terrace. The Guild paid for the purchase of four Nativity sets, one for each house at the Terrace. It was a wonderful request that we were able to fulfill due to generosity from all of our Guild member through dues, freewill offerings, special events (fundraisers), and other donations. We are truly starting off the year with a smile in our hearts, and getting a head start on our resolutions. With God’s help we will continue throughout the year.

First Trinity of Tonawanda hosted a great Christmas celebration for us! Thank you to all for making it a wonderful event and fundraiser! What a great lunch! Our chicken a la king, salad, and plentiful plates of cookies were served by a collective group of volunteers. They were volunteers from First Trinity and Immanuel Lutheran of Tonawanda. What a great idea! If your church is interested and has the capacity to host a future December meeting, let us know. Maybe we can work with you to find another church to jointly assist you with additional volunteers or a women’s group. Kathy Carr then led us in some traditional carols, along with a fun rendition of Jingle Bells. Pastor Whited was so nice and accommodating at our lunch that day. We normally have him speak first, but due to scheduling, he graciously agreed to speak last. First Trinity is blessed to have him as their pastor . He spoke to us about how many people feel loneliness, sadness, and despair at Christmastime. He affirmed that God is close to us and with us, and that God blesses our often broken hearts. He also reminded us that God gives us a hope of heaven and a church family for support and we rejoice in our Savior’s birth.

Our February 16th meeting is at GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center, the front building.  We will be enjoying Mike Cosella, who will speak about the boat tours on our own waterfront and Canalside. He will also be speaking on and giving us insight into our waterways, lighthouses, and grain silos. Sounds like a boat tour without the boat. It should be fun and informational! We will also be having the installation of our board that day by Pastor Belasic. Our members have graciously accepted another year in their positions, but rumor has it that for some, it may be their last year. Anyone interested in attending any of our board meetings, we meet from 9:30 AM -11:30 AM on meeting day. It could be for curiosity or for the potential to become more involved. Either way, you are welcome to join us with no pressure.

Don’t forget we are starting our new protocol for calling in your reservations. You need to call by noon on the Thursday prior to our meeting. The facilities order on Fridays now for the following week, so to accommodate us, we need to accommodate them with a proper head count. We hope to see you February 16th for our meeting and installation. You presence would be a great way to support your Guild board officers. Call by noon on February 9th with your reservation.

Happy Valentines Day!

– Peace and God’s Blessings to all!  – Judy

We all need Gods’ love and blessings!  We especially pray for any of our members who are experiencing loss of a loved one, medical needs for themselves, or caring for the medical needs of another.


The GreenFields resident



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