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In Their Own Words 

June’s Story: June and Charles moved to GreenField Manor after Charles retired as they downsized and looked for more simple and convenient living options. After visiting a few places, they decided to move to GreenField Manor where they could still be free to travel and visit with their friends, but not have to worry about the minor day-to-day chores.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure that moving here was going to be the right choice for us. We were both retired, and knew we needed to downsize, but was The GreenFields really right for us? On the first visit to the campus, however, it was clear that this wasn’t some stuffy place – it was a vibrant community with tons of opportunities to socialize and really enjoy life.

Charlie and I go for a walk most mornings – at least in the nice weather – and enjoy the scenic trail that goes past the pond and out along the trees. We stop for breakfast on the way back and then go to the apartment to figure out our plans for the day. Sometimes there’s a seminar going on that one or both of us want to check out, and other days we’ll get together with friends and play cards or all go out for dinner and drinks or a movie. There’s also YMCA wellness programs available with all kinds of activities like strength and balance training, tai chi, yoga, Zumba – even mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Or, if we don’t feel like any of that, we can just stay home or stay on campus and stop by the café and swing by the library to check out a new book. There’s always something we can do every day.

Best of all, we never worry about having to deal with any repairs or mowing or shoveling. If I had a nickel for every time Charlie hurt himself fixing the sink or fought with the snowblower – well, I’d have a lot of nickels. Plus, I don’t have to worry about vacuuming or dusting. There’s a professional housekeeper who comes by every week to help us tidy up and keep the apartment clean – all included in our monthly rent. 

Here, we don’t worry about a thing – the grass gets mowed, the snow gets shoveled, and we get to do whatever we like to. We’re going to visit friends in Florida next month and will be gone for two weeks and all we have to do is pack up and go, and we know everything will be just fine here while we’re gone.

June’s Reasons for Choosing GreenField Manor:

Less maintenance and chores

Freedom to enjoy life

Close to friends

Peace of mind if I ever need extra care

Active and enjoyable campus and community

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