How to Include Elderly Family Members in Holiday Celebrations

The holidays are a special time of year and a wonderful time for family and friends to come together. With the holiday season in full swing, here are tips for how to include elderly family members in the festivities.

Seniors who are dealing with mobility issues, who live alone, or who are suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, or depression, may begin to feel isolated during the holidays. The holidays also bring a change of routine and potentially strenuous travel, which can be difficult for seniors.

Here are three ways to include elderly family members and loved ones in holiday celebrations and make the season enjoyable:

1. Create new traditions

If you traditionally hosted activities or planned lots of travel during the holidays, plan less intensive activities such as board games, potlucks, and baking as a way to involve your aging loved one. These types of gatherings are a great way to gather family members of all ages.

seniors with family over Christmas

2. Revisit old memories

You can also watch holiday movies and family videos or look through photo albums with your loved one. This is a wonderful way to revisit memories, remember good times the family shared, and make your senior feel loved.

3. Plan in advance

If you’re unable to see your loved one during the holidays, plan ahead and make sure someone will be able to visit them. This will ensure your loved one isn’t alone and still feels included and cared for.

If your senior lives in an assisted living community, call the facility and see what kinds of activities will be planned. If they still live on their own, call neighbors to ensure someone will check in on them. You can also schedule temporary home care aides who will assist your senior with meal preparation and ensure that they aren’t alone at the holidays.

Whatever you choose to do, it’s important to make your loved ones feel included during the holiday season. There are many ways to get them involved so they don’t feel lonely, so get creative and make sure it’s something that works with their personality and preferences.

At The GreenFields Continuing Care Community, we offer a number of ways to ensure loved ones are active and enjoying social activities. Why not get in touch to learn more?

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