How Technology Can Benefit Your Loved Ones

Smartphones, tablets, and computers have become necessary methods for communicating with our loved ones. Technology has allowed us to build social connections and combat the difficulties of isolation through a plethora of social media apps, virtual video calls, and online community platforms. The growth of these new technologies also made it easier for caregivers to provide the necessary care their loved ones need.

Of course, juggling everything a caregiver needs to do for their loved one can be daunting. That’s why it’s important to know how these technologies can make your life a little easier. Let’s take a look at the ways these technologies can help you stay on track, and keep peace of mind.

Socialization & Communication

One of the most beneficial aspects of modern technology is the ability to converse freely no matter where you reside. Tablets and smartphones provide a way for seniors and their caretakers to organize themselves in a convenient and easy-to-use space.

Safety & Awareness Through Technology

Technological advancements have helped many people feel less alone in their own homes, but family members do not have to worry about allowing their loved ones to remain as autonomous as possible.

Personal tracking devices can watch the wearer’s activity, sleep, location, and care habits. These devices also send a warning to family members if a shift is detected where one can easily request assistance by pressing a switch.

Many wireless home security systems connect to applications that send alerts to family members if doors or windows aren’t locked. Some can also send an alert if an intruder is discovered in your loved one’s home. Even if a family member lives in another state or country can participate and protect their loved ones using these platforms.

Leisure & Relaxation

With a multitude of game and pastime apps that can be loaded onto a loved one’s smartphone or tablet, several high-quality movie and TV streaming services are simple to use and can broadcast to phones, tablets, or TVs to pass the time and provide enjoyment.

With the introduction of smart TVs, it is now possible to buy one that already has streaming service applications installed, allowing your loved one to easily access all their beloved programs and films with a single remote.

Ease & Accessibility 

An important but more subtle aspect of technology is its ease of use for anybody in need of these tools. Instead of squinting over tiny words, you can allow texts, emails, and other papers read out audibly by the device. Texting, social media, and video chat applications are available, and the majority are inexpensive, if not free. This enables elders to effortlessly maintain contact with their loved ones even if they are unable to leave their homes regularly.

Shopping for groceries or other items online through an app and having them delivered is a breeze thanks to contemporary technology. Several services enable elders to simply push a button if they need anything. From paper towels to peanut butter, the products will be delivered to their homes. Other applications include quick transit services, medication refills, and food delivery services.

A List of Applications and Technologies That Can Benefit Loved Ones

Below is a list of applications that already exist to help you and your loved ones make the right decisions when it comes to their care and well-being.

Food Delivery Services

  • Instacart – Online grocery shopping at your fingertips. Place your order and your delivery person will keep in touch with you throughout the process in case anything comes up such as a difference in price, or to let you know when certain items are out of stock.
  • HelloFresh & Blue Apron – Pre-made meal kit services that allow you to customize what you’d like to with chef-inspired recipes, and easily adjust your preferences week to week.
  • Silver Cuisine – A meal kit service for older adults which caters to specialty diets and overall senior health.
  • Uber Eats & DoorDash – On-the-go and in need of a meal, these services allow you to pick from restaurants in your area to order from and will deliver your meal within the time you’ve selected.

Best Apps to Make Everyday Life Easier for Older Adults

  • AARP Now – AARP’s mobile app allows users to gain easy access to news, and explore local events, including membership discounts. Your loved one can enable push notifications to keep up with local events and deals.
  • Magnifying Glass + Light – For those who have trouble reading small print, Magnifying Glass + Light helps you read menus and prescription labels with ease. It automatically turns on your phone’s flashlight and camera, with easy-to-use features to help you zoom and adjust brightness.  
  • Find My iPhone – If you misplace your phone or it gets stolen, you can use this app to help you find it. You can also display a message in the event someone finds it, or remotely lock it if it’s picked up. Android also has a version of this app called, Find my Phone.
  • Life360 – A location-based service designed to enable friends and family to share their location with each other.  It can even detect when someone may be in a car crash and automatically contacts emergency response.
  • Lively – An app that connects directly to a medical alert devicethat connects you to doctors and nurses from home as well as keeping loved ones informed about your health and safety. 
  • Video Calling Apps – Video calling apps like Zoom or Skype can help you keep in contact with your loved ones and are easy to use, like ViewClix, which is a 15-inch tablet with video calling capabilities that also lets you view the latest family photos in a high-definition slide show.
  • Uber & Lyft – Mobility-hailing services that allow you to schedule rides via an app. Pricing is based on local supply and demand at the time of booking and is quoted to the customer in advance.   

Using technology to help you and your loved one stay connected is a part of daily life. This aspect of social wellness is a large component of living at The GreenFields.  

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