GreenField Manor Resident, Lois Wright, Turns 100

Lois Wright, a current resident at GreenField Manor in Lancaster, NY, celebrated her 100th birthday early on Saturday, February 13th. With half of the celebration made up of immediate family members who joined from all over the country, the Buffalo Yacht Club hosted them, as well as people Lois says made a difference in her life.

Born in Buffalo, NY on February 15, 1916, Lois grew up with one brother and two sisters. Named after her mother, Lois greatly admired her father while growing up, for his hard work as a lobbyist in Albany and being one of the founders of the Anti-Discrimination Board in Buffalo.

Lois met and married her husband, William Wright, whom she was married to for 64 years before his passing 10 years ago. William’s parents had a place in Thunder Bay in Canada, where they returned to after they wed and Lois cared for her mother-in- law for 20 years. Together they had four children, who gave them 10 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Their children lived in different countries over the years, and Lois and William were able to take a couple of years to travel around the world to visit them. Some of Lois’s proudest moments include becoming a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S. at 92 years old as well as when one of her grandchildren graduated from the Naval Academy and became a doctor.

During wartimes, Lois and William would open their home to take in immigrants and displaced people from Europe. In her home was a red couch which was put to use whenever someone needed help; they would come to Lois for “Red Couch Therapy,” where she would give them honest advice. Her advice for the younger generations is to keep busy with each other and learn to communicate face-to-face, not just with computers.

Lois moved to The GreenFields from Canada in April, 2009.

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