GreenField Manor Independent Living: Finding Comfort, Purpose & Peace

Having superior senior independent living accommodations isn’t just about providing a place to live. It’s about changing lives—and providing an environment where seniors can discover the best versions of themselves. GreenField Manor prides itself on being this type of residential destination, with 92 spacious one- and two-bedroom apartments. Each is perfect for affordable and engaging living, as well as enriching days amid a series of on-campus benefits.

“GreenField Manor was created to offer Western New York seniors a community that would highlight their independence, provide socialization, as well as a safe and secure environment with access to a continuum of care on the same campus,” says Lori Hannon, GreenField Manor’s senior living director.

But along with this access comes connective experiences. These moments help seniors unburden themselves with the stresses of their daily lives, and instead, immerse themselves within a new community.

One of these examples is the existence of The GreenFields’ Grace’s Place Café. The café’s name is after a former resident who, after moving with her husband into GreenField Manor, managed the volunteer team that operated the location. According to Hannon, work at the café improved Grace’s health, alleviated her previous stresses, and invigorated the joyful years she spent within The Greenfields community with peace and purpose.

It’s just one memorable instance, but proof of how the many benefits of senior independent living can impact individuals. In a recent Q&A, Lori Hannon addressed a few more.


What makes GreenField Manor so different from other senior independent living facilities across Western New York?

The beauty of GreenField Manor compared to other senior independent living facilities in WNY is that it offers a continuum of care, right on one campus. Many other senior independent living facilities are standalone, and do not offer all levels of care on the same campus. Also, the outstanding reputation of The GreenFields and Niagara Lutheran Health System provides peace of mind for the residents.


In what ways can GreenField Manor provide a more enriching and engaging independent living experience than living in a traditional apartment, condo, or house?

When living at GreenField Manor, residents no longer need to worry about the burden and responsibilities of home ownership. They can say goodbye to dealing with home repairs, snow removal, and yard work. In a traditional apartment, services such as meals, transportation, and activities generally aren’t included as they are at GreenField Manor. In addition, having companionship available to you right outside your door is a definite benefit.


How affordable are accommodations at GreenField Manor?

When you add up the expenses of living in your own home—including such costs as property and school taxes, utilities, home repairs and upkeep, groceries, transportation expenses, housekeeping, an emergency call system, and, in some cases, a mortgage or home equity loan—GreenField Manor’s monthly fee is no more or even less than what a prospective resident is paying at home or in an apartment. [Residents have] the peace of mind of knowing all of these things are taken care of. They also have access to other levels of care on the campus—which is priceless.


When you recommend GreenField Manor to a prospective resident or their family, what reasons do you cite for a move?

Among the many reasons are:

  • All levels of care on one campus, available when (or if) needed
  • Safety and security
  • Socialization
  • Services provided including transportation, meals, housekeeping, and activities.
  • Relieves the burden of home ownership
  • The wonderful reputation of The GreenFields and Niagara Lutheran Health System

If you or anyone you know wants to learn more about senior independent living with The GreenFields, visit thegreenfields.org/independent-living today.

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