Enhanced Assisted Living at GreenField Terrace

In Their Own Words 

The Story: While his father had been living at The GreenFields for several years, Robert’s father’s health began to decline in recent months, leaving him very weak and unable to handle many of his daily activities. Fortunately, as a resident, his father received priority access to GreenField Terrace where he could benefit from enhanced assisted living care.

It was hard seeing my dad’s health get worse over the past few months. He’s always been tough and a real self-sufficient guy, but the disease left him so weak he really needed some assistance to get through the day.

I was worried about how he’d deal with the changes to his lifestyle, but he’s really taken to living at GreenField Terrace. He has his privacy and can spend time on his own as much as he likes, but he’s also gotten to know a few of the other residents and says they’re striking up a pretty good friendship. He said that one guy actually went to the same high school he did, so they’ve had a good time chatting about the “old days” sitting out in the courtyard, enjoying the weather.  

He still meets up with some of his other friends on campus, too, usually for whatever seminar or presentation is going on that week. Dad’s always been a curious guy, so he really enjoys getting out to learn about new things and keep up with what’s going on in the world.

At home, he can also receive the help he needs every day without worry. I thought he might be embarrassed or stubborn and not want any help, but the staff has a way of offering their help in such a way that it just feels like a normal and familiar part of the day. It’s really been a smooth process, all things considered, and dad’s really comfortable and at ease whenever I stop in so I know he’s getting great care, too.

Robert’s Reasons for Choosing
GreenField Terrace:

Aid with his father’s daily living needs

Safe environment with care available

Still enjoy freedom in his routine

Meals, housekeeping and laundry service included

Individual privacy and personal space

The GreenFields Continuing Care Community offers living options and care for people no matter their individual needs or reasons. Schedule a tour to visit the campus today and speak with our staff to learn more about life at The GreenFields.

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