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Dear Valued Employee,

We find ourselves, a few weeks into the first quarantine most of us have lived through, feeling different today than we did prior. We have learned to appreciate some things more since all of this has started, such as our children going to school every day, being able to go see relatives on a whim, or meeting some friends for dinner and drinks. We’ve also learned to appreciate some things even more, such as the comradery each of you show for each other. This has grown stronger during this difficult time, and it’s because of this and everything you do that has kept our residents, our campus, and our community safe and healthy. It is not just sheer luck that we have been fortunate these past few weeks, it’s because of you. It’s because of all of your hard work, sacrifices, and immensely caring efforts that we have been able to keep those entrusted in our care safe. And because of this, we want to again make sure you know you are appreciated by all of us, the Board, and our resident’s families.

A few weeks ago, we told you of a bonus each of you would be getting. We’ve decided to work with the Board to increase the second phase of your bonuses by quite a bit. The second part of your bonus, which you were to receive in June, will now be calculated by an hourly increase of $7/hour, paid in a lump sum bonus, for all hours worked in a specific time period depending on your building:

GHRC: between 5/3/20 and 5/30/20, paid on 6/4/20

The rest of The GreenFields campus: between 4/26/20 and 5/23/20, paid on 5/28/20

This bonus is for all staff, excluding Executives, for all hours worked. Overtime hours will be included but at the $7/hour rate. The average bonus for a full time, 37.5 hour/week employee will be $1,050. We hope this news brightens your day as much as you brighten the days for our residents.

On behalf of the Executive Team, the Board of Directors, and every life you touch, thank you for all you do!


Chris Koenig

The GreenFields resident



5959 Broadway
Lancaster, NY 14086

The Niagara Lutheran Health System does not discriminate in the admittance of residents or the hiring of employees relative to age, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, sexual preference gender, gender identity, blindness, handicap, sponsor, marital status, or religion.

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