Why You Should Choose The GreenFields Continuing Care Community

About the author: David McMullen has more than 30 years of marketing experience and has been the Executive Director of Development and Marketing for the Niagara Lutheran Health System and The GreenFields Continuing Care Community for the past 12 years.


000_5945MediumWhen people ask me why they should choose The GreenFields Continuing Care Community, it all comes down to our core values: dignity and respect.

Dignity and respect are things that we all deserve — especially our residents, who may be dealing with some very difficult life issues. At The GreenFields, we have a great deal of experience in helping our residents navigate difficult life changes with the utmost care and dignity.

Many of our residents may be dealing with the loss of a spouse and the downsizing process that comes with selling a home that they have lived in for many, many years. We have folks who have lived in the same house for 50-60 years and finally find that their life situation is changing.

Losing a spouse, for example, may mean seniors can no longer take care of all of the maintenance and the upkeep and the worry of a home, so they’re looking to downsize and sell that beloved family home. It can be a very difficult process. Some folks come to The GreenFields and adjust very quickly, but of course for others, life changes are more of a difficult adjustment. Here at The GreenFields, we really try to provide the emotional and spiritual support and care, along with the physical care, that they need.

The Level of Care YOU Need For Mind, Body, and Soul

One of the most important features of The GreenFields that really makes us stand out is the fact that we are a continuing care community offering a large variety of levels of care. It’s not one size fits all; there are many different options depending an individual’s needs and preferences.

Moreover, we’re often told that what really makes people choose The GreenFields as their new home is our people. For many years, our tagline for the Niagara Lutheran Health System has been: “caring heart and soul,” and that still stands today. People often tell us that it’s our employees that set us apart and make the difference; the way that they not only care for the physical situation or condition of our residents, but also their spiritual and emotional needs as well.

Don’t Wait

If you are thinking of making the move into senior living for yourself or a loved one, my biggest piece of advice would be: don’t wait.

So many folks wait too long and then it’s a crisis situation where they have a bad fall and then they can’t participate in the decision themselves. At GreenField Manor, we generally have a list of people who would like to move in but are waiting for a particular floor plan to become available, are still working on selling their home, etc. You can visit us or call us to put yourself on this list, even if you’re not sure that you’re ready to move or you still have a lot of downsizing to do. I always encourage folks to get themselves on our waiting list right away. If you’re ready to move when your name comes up for the specific apartment type that you’d like, then that’s wonderful and you become a new resident of the GreenField Manor.

If you’re not quite ready, or you’re still working on downsizing, then you can tell our senior living counselors to leave you on the waiting list. They’ll come back to you when your name comes up again. It might take a couple of months or more and then you can move in when you’re ready.

So don’t wait; come and visit GreenField Manor. Call us for an appointment and take a tour, have lunch with us, and get yourself on the waiting list.

If you’re considering the next step in retirement living, visit our website to learn more about the different types of residences available at The Greenfields. Then call 716-684-8400 and ask for our senior living department. You can also email TheGreenFields@NiagaraLutheran.org and set up a tour and enjoy a free lunch!

I’m confident that you’ll see why Life is Beautiful at The Greenfields. So give us a call. We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to the life you deserve.


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At The GreenFields Continuing Care Community, our mission is to provide for the physical, social, and spiritual needs of those we serve, in a Christian environment. We believe in the dignity and worth of each individual and that every resident of our continuing care communities should be encouraged to retain or regain the highest level of independence possible. As such, we provide a variety of care and service options – from residential living and assisted living to rehabilitation, long-term skilled nursing and memory care – all so you can make the right choice for your needs.

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The Niagara Lutheran Health System does not discriminate in the admittance of residents or the hiring of employees relative to age, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, sexual preference gender, gender identity, blindness, handicap, sponsor, marital status, or religion.

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