Avoid Sedentary Lifestyle Risks: It’s Time to Become More Active

It’s time to become more active—but how?

Transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one provides a variety of a health benefits, and is of enhanced importance as we grow older. Everyone understands this and is aware of the risks that comes with a sedentary lifestyle. However, pursuing a life full of regular exercise isn’t always as easy as going from the couch to the treadmill—especially for aging loved ones.

Since opening in 1998, GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center has not only provided subacute rehab and outpatient therapy for patients recovering from illness and injury. The facility and its expertly trained staff have helped residents of The GreenFields Continuing Care Community improve their physical and mental health by adopting a more active daily regimen through such means as aquatic exercises, wellness classes, and other services meant to enable a healthier lifestyle.

But for residents and their supportive family members, there are plenty of things to consider before beginning any fitness journey. According to a recent report from the health-focused LIVESTRONG, following some key suggestions can help anyone safely transition to a more active lifestyle to avoid sedentary lifestyle risks.

Here are some of their suggestions that provide motivation for continued pursuance of health, exercise, and movement:


Figure Out Your ‘Why’

Why do you want to get fit? Establishing your “why” gives you focus and purpose. Plus, it’s something to keep coming back to on days you want to quit.


Start With Stretching

Before you take up any sort of exercise, make sure you start with proper stretching. Adding a five-minute stretch session before your daily routine to get in the habit of moving consistently and improving your flexibility.


Know That Any Movement Counts

The path to getting active after being sedentary doesn’t have to be an over-extensive activity—especially for the elderly. If you’re starting slow and steady, all physical activity helps, even if it’s just general movement.


Practice Patience

Getting started is always the hardest. But with time and effort, one can feel more comfortable with their movement and routine—and even start to like it.


To learn more about wellness offerings through GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center, visit thegreenfields.org/subacute-inpatient-rehab, or call (716) 684-3000 today.


About The GreenFields Continuing Care Community

The GreenFields Continuing Care Community provides for the physical, social, and spiritual needs of residents in a Christian environment. In addition to skilled nursingsubacute rehabilitation, and outpatient therapy at GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center, The GreenFields offers a variety of living arrangements and support levels based on individual needs. This includes independent living apartments in GreenField Manor; assisted living apartments in GreenField Court; and memory care and enhanced assisted living in GreenField Terrace.

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