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The Story: A former construction worker, Tim had lived in GreenField Manor for several years, but began to experience reduced mobility and increasing back pain in recent months. As this started to impact his daily activities, he asked about the assisted living options available GreenField Court.

I’ve got to say that I’m so glad for the way things work here at The GreenFields. Ever since I’d moved in a few years ago, I’ve enjoyed all the amenities of living here and I’ve made a ton of new friends that has made living here all the more enjoyable. When I first chose The GreenFields, I knew I might need more help in the future and that there were options available if I ever needed them. In the last few months, though, as I’ve had more and more issues with mobility and pain that started to impact my day-to-day life, I spoke to the staff here to discuss my options.

I learned that it would be no problem to move into GreenField Court. It turned out that they had an open unit available, so I called a mover for help getting all of my things packed and moved, and just a few days later, I was settling into my new apartment.

Here at GreenField Court, the housekeeping staff helps with cleaning up and even my laundry once a week – and now I can get the extra help I need with some of my other daily activities when I need it. The staff is incredibly helpful, and they can even help me with scheduling transportation for me to get to and from my doctor’s appointments. Plus, since I already had a few friends who lived here in the Court, I already know my way around.

I know it sounds cliché, but the weather really affects me, and on those days when I’m really sore or stiff and need extra help, I can just ask for it and the staff responds right away to help. Or, if I’m feeling good, I can go for a walk and enjoy the sunshine or attend Sunday services. I still get together with my friends, too – they come over to play cards a few times a week, and we’re planning to head out for a day trip to see all they’ve done down at Canalside when the weather gets real nice this summer.

I was already glad I moved here when I first moved to the Manor, but now I’m all the more glad I did.

Tim’s Reasons for Choosing GreenField Court:

Assistance with daily living needs

Complimentary scheduled transportation

Social programs and worship services

Peace of mind knowing help is available whenever needed

Learn more about The GreenFields and all the benefits of living at a continuing care community. Schedule a tour to visit, see the campus and speak with our staff to learn more today.

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