Living at The GreenFields: 6 Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Source: The Washington Post

Let’s face it, living in a small space can require some compromise, but with the right mindset and a little foresight, a small living space can feel like a home.  Here are some of the top ways you can turn your apartment into a cozy, happier place to kick up your feet while living at The GreenFields.

Decrease clutter

Why put your things into storage that you will not see or use? We all love our things, but the best way to enjoy the things we love is to see them properly displayed. Sometimes that means getting rid of the things that clutter our space.

study by UCLA found a link between a high level of household objects and elevated cortisol. Untidy spaces signal the need for future cleaning and the mental weight of knowing it needs to be addressed increases stress. In the same study, a messy space can increase feelings of depression and is linked to negative feelings of guilt and shame.

When you have too much stuff, it can be hard to appreciate it. Use storage bins with labels that can fit under furniture. Decluttering a small space can feel liberating and make it much easier to find the things you are looking for, like those pesky car keys.

Use bright, fun colors

The adage that painting cooler colors can make a small space feel larger still holds true. Pale walls reflect more light than warmer colors, which can make a room feel more open.  Add light colors to white walls, especially in apartments while living at The GreenFields – with bright paintings which can have a huge impact. It’s the little things that make a small space feel larger and more inviting. You don’t have to repaint your walls either. White or pale walls can still feel refreshing with a colorful painting hung snuggly in your living room.

Cooler colors tend to feel more relaxing, which can positively influence your mood. The nice thing about small spaces is that even the smallest detail can have a big impact.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are not only made for the back of your closet door. Mirrors have always been a great way to create the illusion of more space. They can easily reflect more light into a room, especially if hung on the opposite side of a window. Figure out the best placement for one or two of them to really open your space.

Add some good scents

Filling your space with nice-smelling scents can make you feel more optimistic.  Light up some incense or a scented candle and take a moment to destress and relax. For instance, lavender has been known to help you sleep better and treat insomnia. Cinnamon has been shown in studies to sharpen your mind, improve focus, and improve your overall mood. Make your apartment and living at The GreenFields feel cozy by lighting your favorite scents.

Add some nature

Much like adding bright colors to sharpen your mood, adding some greenery to your space can help brighten your outlook when in close courters. Using real plants can help oxygenate the air and make a room feel less stuffy. If you cannot take care of real plants, there’s no shame there – hanging photographs of brightly colored flowers or listening to sounds from nature can also have a calming effect.

Ultimately, when you feel like you have control over your own space, it can make you feel more at peace and comfortable. Decluttering your space, making room for new things, and adding a touch of color, can give you that extra boost to make it feel like home.

Living in at The GreenFields

GreenField Manor offers modern, spacious apartments designed for those who want to live independently without the hassles of home maintenance and repairs. Restaurant-style dining and courtesy transportation within and around the heart of Lancaster are also provided for your convenience.

At GreenField Court, assisted living is offered to seniors who need some support with their daily activities. They are aided by committed staff while experiencing the comforts of a residential setting across The GreenFields community.

To learn more about assisted living services at GreenField Court, visit thegreenfields.org/assisted-living. To learn more about independent living at GreenField Manor, visit thegreenfields.org/independent-living or call (716) 684-8400 today.

About The GreenFields Continuing Care Community

The GreenFields Continuing Care Community provides for the physical, social, and spiritual needs of residents in a Christian environment. In addition to skilled nursingsubacute rehabilitation, and outpatient therapy at GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center, The GreenFields offers a variety of living arrangements and support levels based on individual needs. This includes independent living apartments in GreenField Manor; assisted living apartments in GreenField Court; memory care and enhanced assisted living in GreenField Terrace.

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