6 Tips for Downsizing Before Moving to an Assisted Living Facility

If you’ve decided that it’s the right time for your aging loved one to move to an assisted living facility, like GreenField Court, it’s time to look at possessions they have collected over the years.

Although many of these items may hold precious memories, they likely will not be able to bring all of these things with them. It’s important to remember this will be a very difficult time for your senior, so take things slowly and be understanding of their feelings.

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We’ve put together six tips to help your senior transition to this new chapter of their life with ease.

Plan ahead

Downsizing is no small feat and requires solid preparation. Make sure to plan well in advance when the move will take place, schedule time to pack things away, and think of who needs to be involved in the process.

Organize items

Make sure to sit down with your loved one and carefully consider which items they will want to bring along. This will help cut down the list and limit it to items they will actually use and find comfort in.

Start with the basics

Your loved one may find even regular, everyday items hard to part with. Start the process with items that are likely less sentimental, such as kitchen appliances, towels, and the like that they may not use anymore. This will help ease your loved one into the process and get them used to the idea of getting rid of items before the focus turns to items with sentimental value.

Familiarize them with their new surroundings

If your loved one is moving to a new community, it’s important to schedule several visits so they can familiarize themselves with their new home. Seeing the new space may also help your senior decide what they will be able to bring and fit into their new space.

Give things away

If possible, refrain from throwing away items your loved one doesn’t need. Instead, try to find a new home for these items by selling or donating. It may ease your senior’s anxiety if they know someone else will get use out of the items they’ve used and loved.

Enjoy the process!

Make sure to have some fun along the way and help your loved one get excited for this new part of their life. Downsizing is a chance to really focus on the things that matter most. Here’s to new memories and a new step in their life!

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